LESTOCK is a savage world in the Ventura sector.  Its three continents are filled with numerous untamed carnivorous lifeforms, the most dangerous of which are the Kellrosses.  Twenty meters long and able to leap that far from a standstill, they are an instantly fatal threat to an unprotected human.  Even the most powerful weaponry may not count as sufficient protection, because a slain Kellross falling on a person is also quite deadly.  The few settlers brave enough to make Lestock their home must generally rely on "superpowers" to protect them.  Paraíbite is rare on Ventura and even more rarely exported, but it is the most reliable source of such superpowers for ordinary humans.  When one can turn a Kellross inside-out with a thought, or teleport it into the nearest volcano, life on Lestock is not so bad.  The meager government that exists is led by those who are most proficient with their psionic abilities, as no one has any reason to challenge their authority.