My iPhone has bricked itself.  T-Mobile could not unbrick it, so a new one is on the way, should arrive today.

My contacts appear to have not backed themselves up to the Cloud thoroughly, so I may be seeking phone numbers when the new device arrives.

I am getting a replacement, not an upgrade, which is good news because I just got this case for Christmas and it is the Best Case Ever:

This is just to say, then, that if you have called, texted, or snapped me, I am not ignoring you.  I am looking forward to the post-Ordeal-of-the-Phone snaps very much.

1/20 '16 5 Comments
That is an awesome phone case.
Beth Adele 1/20 '16
Thanks! Most terrifying moment of phone restoration thus far - realizing that I could not see the sim card well enough to put it in the phone without my glasses and a lot of light. I used to read in dim light and get annoyed at my Mom when she turned on brighter light for me ... now in dim light all of the letters go fuzzy.
So you're looking for a smartphone at work?
No, looking for a mind at work. Clearly not mine tonight.
Mine neither.

I was thinking about doing the dishes and the laundry, and then realized I was carrying the dishes to the clothes washer in the basement.