11:00 all hands at work -- Didn't pay attention; pre-coffee.  Virtual meeting anyway.  Grab some lunch.

12:00-15:00 work - Determined that yesterdays mini-project was completely unneeded as I was testing the wrong thing.  Also, determined that third-party test team isn't going to test much with their firewall blocking important stuff.  Let's see if they bluster or just admit fault and get on with it. 

15:00-16:30 overview of new security project - Guess into whose lap this is getting dumped.  Correct, it's me!  It should be easy-peasy because there is no deadline and this project is mostly an extention of stuff I already wrote.  I can't decide if should be offended that I wasn't in on the design and planning.

16:30-17:30 digital ad pitch - Will my county's Democratic party buy some targeted ads for the primaries or the general?  Probably, but as a technical advisor, this doesn't put anything else on my plate.  Yet.

17:30-18:30 work - Find a comment I wrote that's cut off in the middle.  Did I do that?  Why wasn't it caught in a code review?  Because as a senior guy, no one challenges my code.  Fix the comment, I think.  I think someone besides me changed the code since I wrote the comment.  Too lazy to verify that theory and also I don't want verification that I'm losing it.

18:30 commute - note: I work from home.

19:30 - singing lesson.  My drummer is really hyped about improving our background vocals, so here I am.  Now, instead of struggling to find my pitch while playing my bass, I'll be thinking about the shape of mouth and how I'm using my diaphram while struggling to find my pitch while playing my bass.  Ultimately, this could pay off but as a noob vocally, it's fairly overwhelming.

20:30 commute - note: forty minutes is too long a comute for sixty minute lesson

22:00 work - Decide I'm too tired to properly review my own code so I just test some boundary cases to make sure nothing is broken.  Nothing seems broken, almost too quiet...  Suddenly, the network at work goes down.  Enough for today...

I can relate. I am still mourning the departure of a coworker who vigorously reviewed my code.

In our new situation, I am amused by how annoyed I get the moment leaving the house isn’t working out for me. We (the fortunate who can work from home and have suitable homes) just don’t take the grind of getting around for granted anymore.
The lost of antagonistic testers is bad too. We folded our testers into development and I feel like the quality of code has declined.

I have a eighteen year old car. Do I invest in a new car if I'm driving less than once a week? Do I prop up the old car up for another five years? I hate making these decisions...