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It says I can enter up to 160 characters, but I can't think of that many. Here are a few characters: Mickey Mouse, George Costanza, and The Fourth Doctor.

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Hello, world.  It's late and I'm sleepy but I feel like making a short post and kick the tires on 1PW (OPW?).  Formatting looks good (hello italics and bold).  I can post a link to my art, and a picture:

Took me a second to realize I could drop it right here in the middle of the paragraph.  Great idea, Tom.  Pretty cool.

I have a craving for some cheese.  A piece of mozzarella, then crash time.  See y'all tomorrow.

(Edited to fix the damn picture placement.  Took a couple of tries but I figured it out.)

8/14 '14 4 Comments
Thomas Boutell 8/13 '14
It sounds like positioning the picture didn't quite work out for you.

Your posts can have text blocks, picture blocks, and video blocks. If you want a picture beneath the current text, you'd click the picture button that is below the text. You can also rearrange the blocks with the arrows.
Thomas Boutell 8/14 '14
Took a couple of tries but I got it. When I first posted I was able to drag the picture inline, I guess it wouldn't save that way because I needed to make a block.

All good, off to break something else!
Kevin Niemi 8/14 '14
Ah yes, you can drag a picture into the text editor but there's precious little I can do with it once it's there. I should look at receiving the dragged file gracefully.
Thomas Boutell 8/15 '14