My wonderful boys have broken my internets, again. 

They are going on a net diet. Starting Nov 28 when my data plan resets. Little assholes. I cannot wait until my contract with my current provider is done so I can go back to one that works better for us.  (Why are we on a shit plan? Because we moved to Darwin which is practically a third world fucking country at times and my preferred provider did not service the area I lived in.) 

Also, I got a fitbit for my birthday which has completely triggered my competitive side. (And shown me that no I really don't move enough on days I don't work.) So guess who is off to vacuum the floor and then pace the kitchen like a caged beast until the plastic red band on her hand starts to vibrate and set off flashing lights? 

11/18 '14 8 Comments
I have an Apple Airport Express router. It has a feature that lets you set the hours that each individual device can be online. Currently working great with my teenager.
Thomas Boutell 11/19 '14
Oh god, that sounds like the answer to my problem! Damn kids. Though I suspect they aren't completely to blame... just mostly.
Beth Adele 11/19 '14
Perhaps yours has the feature too...
Thomas Boutell 11/20 '14
I am able to limit use on this particular computer, but not for other devices using the network. (I am somewhat impaired when it comes to all things tech.) But I don't know about my router. It's the one supplied by my net provider. There's three laptops, one iMac, two DSs, four iPads and four Kindles that are all connected to the wireless network. (Oh and two iPhones) I wouldn't know where to start with restricting each device, but I am sure I can find someone who would know that could show me. (I hope!)

I have three teens. (Well the baby is 12 and a half) They are killing my internets every month. I fear if they do it again next month, their Dad will kill them!
Beth Adele 11/20 '14
I have a fitbit. Want to be fitbit friends? I need more motivation - I keep forgetting to put it on my wrist, which is really silly because my company gives me healthcare reimbursement cash if I complete x amount of activity in x months ... which I do, I just don't document it. So stupid!
Yes! Do you have the Flex? I use mine to track my sleep as well. The first two nights it was telling me how great I sleep, which is not at all how I feel. I always wake up feeling drained and tired. Some nights I feel like I am conscious and aware for most of the night.

I've had sleep issues ever since I was a kid.

Then I was actually looking at the fitbit dashboard and noticed there were two settings for sleep. The default normal setting and sensitive. Ever since I switched it to sensitive my sleep percentages plummeted from 90+% to the 50% range. For 8-9 hrs a night I spend in bed, I sleep just under four. (Last night I managed to get 5 whole hours of sleep! which put me at 67% sleep efficiency, the highest it's been since I switched to sensitive)

And yes you really should be putting it on your wrist!
Beth Adele 11/19 '14
It's on my wrist today! I'm already getting better ... haha. It is a Flex. I never thought about using it as a sleep tracker. If you wear it when you sleep, when do you charge it?

I wonder if there is anything you can do to get more sleep. I hope so. Sleeping half the time you are in bed sounds terrible ... well, unless your husband is in bed with you and you're doing something better.
I try to charge the fitbit during a time I know my activity level will be quite low. (Marking the kids school work at the table, scheduled reading, whilst sewing or anytime I know I will have extended sitting.)

I workout most nights. usually. I have noticed I am feeling more tired lately and not as rested when I wake up and I think it's because my exercise for the past three weeks has been inconsistent. So I think I need that second workout in the evening to help me sleep. Not having caffeine after 6pm, (so drinking only water or herbal tea) switching off all digital things an hour before bed (a work in progress with that one) keeping my diet clean. Sleeping at 50% efficiency sucks balls. (And not in the fun way) I do find nights that have no sexy time I sleep less. (Sex fixes so many things.)

Cause my net is running so poorly I have not bothered with my email. (gmail takes forever to open) But I did connect my fitbit to my Facebook so feel free to send me a friend request.

Glad to hear you have it on your wrist today! (I take mine off when I shower also. Wish I could wear it in the pool. Saturday is our recovery day and I swim 1-2 km. Or more, depending on how long we spend at the pool and how I am feeling. This week will be interesting. The hour long kettle bell workout I did yesterday makes lifting my arms up above shoulder height somewhat painful! Windmills will be the death of me)

I set my daily step goal as 10,000. I beat it around 5 days in every 7. If I get over 7500, I'm pretty happy. Especially if I have also exercised. (Weights don't tend to give you much in the way of step counts. Boo.)
Beth Adele 11/20 '14