Tomorrow, I actually have a day off. So the Man and I are off to Canberra for the day. I get to see my old Boss and favourite co-workers. (I really miss working there.) Then I get let loose in the Nespresso shop and Costco. (I'm pretty sure they eat toilet paper in this house. Although, the rate we go through toilet paper is probably closely linked to the rate we go through coffee and tea.) 

Plus there will be Christmas shopping. Next week end our tree will go up. Many years ago I had to make the rule that the tree does not go up until the Saturday AFTER my Birthday. Otherwise, these weirdo's would have the tree up in October. 

This weekend will be spent planning the schooling for the remainder of the year ( we do year round schooling) and getting this house in order. 

Busy times. 

11/6 '14 4 Comments
Enjoy your day off!
Thank you! We certainly did. It's days like yesterday that help remind me why I married that man. He's as inappropriate and snarky as I am. We had a lot of fun and didn't spend anywhere near as much money as I thought we would. So winning.
Beth Adele 11/7 '14
Seems like a perfectly good post to me.
Thomas Boutell 11/6 '14
You're too kind!
Beth Adele 11/7 '14