The title says it all. The  next phase of the home renovation process is to change the windows. Of course, in order to change the windows you have to be able to, you know, get at the windows. Unfortunately 18 years of accumulation has made that nigh unto impossible. 

I'm a nerd, so I started measuring and adding and I figure I need about 100 square feet of storage space. Not much furniture will make the move to new digs, but one Hell of a lot of books and tools will. Both of which can be stacked.

So, do I rent a storage locker, which will be a sunk cost, or do I look into other options? A CONEX box, one of those stackable shipping containers, would certainly do. It would be overkill in fact. Problem being, they're a bear to move. So you've got to hire someone to deliver them, and move them, and then you've got to have them hauled away. Another sunk cost. Pods have the same problem. And their storage costs are crazy. Which leaves a trailer. Trailer's are a major up front cost, but most of that could be recouped once you move your stuff into the new place for all of your stuff and sell the trailer.

Fortunately I own a vehicle suitable to tow a trailer. Insurance is negligeble, ~$30 for six months. Registation doesn't even crack $100 a year. Wheel chocks, padlocks and security devices so someone doesn't drive off with all of my stuff will run about another $100.

So, on Friday I'm off to the wilds of Pennsylvania to purchase a trailer. Which should be an adventure, because I tow a vehicle once a year, max.

10/17 '18 12 Comments
1. Good luck with the trailer. I'll keep my eye out for you.
2. Alternatively, you could just have a 'getting rid of my shit' party. Just sayin. (I'm a purge-a-holic.)
I was going to say, "YARD SALE!!!" ;)
Anne Mollo 10/17 '18
But... but... but... BOOKS!
Ray Conrad 10/18 '18
I certainly didn't say it would be painless!
You also didn't say it would be like having a limb torn off and then being beaten to death with it.

BTW, the trailer is super nice. But it's the largest trailer that my truck can tow and I expect its bad gas mileage to plummet to 70's luxury car levels when I am towing this thing.
Ray Conrad 10/20 '18
Yeeeeesh. Also? Awesome.
Also worth noting, after an early morning, a full day of driving, and dealing with the DMV, backing a trailer into a tight parking spot is very low on my list. Probably just above getting my foot run over by a dump truck. No trailers were damaged in this part of the misadventure, but there was a lot of teeth-grinding and at least one elevated blood pressure.
Ray Conrad 10/20 '18edited
I don't know how I managed it, but I didn't see the photo before. Whenever I see that kind of trailer, my brain immediately starts working on how I would retrofit it to make it into an RV. I apparently have a #vanlife addiction.
OPW doesn't allow you to post pics in replies. So I went in and edited the OP. So, it's not you. Unless you want to believe it's you. In which case, drive on.
Ray Conrad 10/20 '18
And yeah, I've thought that camping in a solid enclosure would be better than living in a tent. Far better to be 18 inches above the muck and mire than wallowing in it.
Ray Conrad 10/20 '18
Amen brotha. (Said the guy who has literally slept in the joint between a tree limb and the trunk...)
FYI, my truck, which normally gets 18-19 MPG on the highway, got 11 MPG while towing the Leviathan.
Ray Conrad 10/21 '18