So, an update on the shows I've actually been watching lately -- some current, some a bit older.  (I'm completely up-to-date on, well, none of them, 'cause ain't nobody got time for that.)

I've been watching One Piece with my 9-year-old, because pirates.  Up to episode 19, of... nearly 700.  Gonna be a while.  I actually watched somewhat past this point once before, and it's entertaining, if prone to too-drawn-out fights.  We're also watching Keroro Gunsou (Sergeant Frog to you).

Almost finished with Nisekoi, at least the original 20 -- I understand more is in production.  Which is fine with me because I'm enjoying it.  Sure, the love triangle/quadrangle/whatever trope is unoriginal, but well executed.

No Game No Life is turning out to be a fantastic show.  Color palette is kinda garish, but the plot is quite unpredictable.  Three episodes to go. 

Continuing to crank through Fairy Tail.  I had originally pegged this as kind of a magical One Piece clone, and it clearly owes a debt, but it's got an enthusiasm of its own.  I've seen over 100 episodes now, but there's plenty to go!

The Fruit of Grisaia and TRINITY SEVEN... don't have too much to recommend them.  Dunno whether I'll finish 'em out.  Celestial Method is more intriguing, and Akatsuki no Yona has a good story starting.  I see that it will have 24 episodes, which is good 'cause it'll need 'em.

SHIROBAKO, being anime about making anime, is pretty meta, but as someone who's hovered around the fringes of acting and production, it rings true.  Similarly, as a semi-serious musician in my high school days, Your Lie In April (which gets my vote for best of this season) resonates pretty strongly.

I've liked what I've seen of Rage of Bahamut: Genesis and In Search Of the Lost Future, which is to say the first three episodes of each.  I particularly like the art style in Rage of Bahamut.

Finally (for now), I'm watching Knights of Sidonia on Netflix.  Gol dang.  Intense stuff.  I understand another season of that is being made, which is good because I don't foresee much wrapping up in the three episodes left in Season One.

11/30 '14 4 Comments
I can't watch Knights of Sidonia unless it uses the Muse song (which, yes, is spelled differently, but c'mon, it's Japanese.)
It doesn't use the song, or the video for the song, alas. Good show anyway.

And yup, 672 episodes of One Piece as of this moment. But Case Closed has 758 and counting!
Mark Bradford 12/1 '14
Man, Doctor Who just hit 800 episodes at the end of last year's season, I think. And that took 50 years!