I am not particularly a tea snob. 

In fact, for my morning jolt I prefer Stok cold-brew coffee.  But, I do like an afternoon tea on occasion--a big cup that I can slowly sip over a period of hours.  So, I have certain tea requirements.  It can't go bitter; it has to have that muscatel taste; it has to be forgiving to varying preparation techniques; it must be loose leaf.  It must stand up without milk or sugar.  Today, I ran out of my secondary backup tea and had to switch over to my tertiary backup tea.  Ugh.  Some cheap and nasty Assam blend. About half way through, I had already ordered $75 of tea, which seems like a lot but it's probably four years worth of tea.  But still, this cup is that bad.

Maybe I am a tea snob. 

If you offer me a cuppa Earl Grey, you *will* get a tea lecture.

Oh gawd Earl Grey. Akin to sipping cheap cologne. Or who knows, maybe even expensive cologne. I don't like drinking cologne.