This week has been one step beyond. All of the simple tasks were not. All of the boxes ticked done were not. All of steps taken were right off the cliff.

I mean, honestly, nothing happened. We're body and soul together. No-one is sick, fired, jailed or lost. We've got food on the table; money in the bank; and each other.

But every single step this week was crawling over broken glass through fire while some asshole kept moving the finish line further down the road.

But I ended up with 8 flourishing houseplants--two of them are not good for cats to chew on but not dramatically poisonous. My parents are buying me a little home improvement for my birthday: some fancy wallpaper, matching paint and the skilled labor to install it. Nervous about getting that started, with the crews having to be in the house and all, but exctied about having something nice.

8/21 '20