I am not facing today with equanimity.

We're selling the rental. When I called the recommended painter, he asked me to text him the details, so he could send a quote and a schedule. He never replied to my text, so when I followed up, asking for a quote and a schedule his reply was "Sounds good" so I don't know where we are with that. He can't get into the building to work without all sorts of bullshit with the management office. But fuck the management office, honestly. They're a huge reason why we're selling.

I'm also having trouble getting information about a furniture delivery--with a phone tree that kicks you out for any option other than cancel  and an online information system which only accepts inquiries to cancel and an FAQ that does not say anything about how you'll know when your actual delivery is scheduled--just that if you have a freight delivery (I do), it will be contracted with a moving company and per COVID, they won't come inside, even with face coverings (great /sarcasm).  I've hired moving companies many many times in my life--often with half-truck and smaller loads. I know the logistics are complicated. I also know that you should get confirmation sooner than 48 hours out. So I am assuming this means I don't have a delivery coming? But I don't know and can't find out. There is a date on the order, but there's no confirmation and it's a Sunday, so I think it might just be a auto-generated estimate. Don't know--can't find out.

My boss also booked me into a meeting (during a time I already had a meeting scheduled) without giving me documents or a log in or anything that would allow me to actually participate in the meeting. I have meetings today for 7 hours, with brief moments in between. The neighbors, also, have workmen directly under my window. 

Thus, today is . . .  not great. I know that everything is impossible for everyone right now. I'm trying to extend lots of patience and accept that no-one is working at their best quality right now. But it's hard to extend that patience when I have so little reserves.

7/23 '20