I was really looking forward to having no rostered shifts for 6 days. 

I really was. I have a lot of lesson plans to finish up and house work to catch up on. (I'm trying NOT to think about the hallway linen cupboard, I don't need to break out in hives. -OMG the winter sheets haven't been put into storage and there's singles mixed in with king singles and doubles. And no, not thinking about it, not thinking about it.)

But the Boss asked for the 27th time today if I'd thought about the xmas decorations yet and if I could please make sure I had them up and done by Thursday next week. (Which would have been fine only I wasn't rostered to work next week) So I thought I had better mention that. Damn it. There go my days off.  

At least my little guy is happy. If Mum's not home there's no Latin lessons. 

11/5 '14 6 Comments
Our sheets live in boxes under our bed. The cat is pissed because the boxes take up some of her hidey space. I try to keep king sheets in the king box and queen sheets in the queen box and all the single sheets in the box under Archer's bed. This works most of the time.

But really, I love hearing from you and about you. You're writing about cleaning and I still care, not only do I care, but I am interested in reading.

Ahem. I will cease fangirling now.
I wish we had room under the bed! The kids all have storage boxes full of childhood trinkets they simply can't part with. My cupboards are just all jumbled up because I am not the only one using it anymore. I usually keeps sheet sets folded inside the matching pillowcase. So you just pull the pillowcase out and the whole set is there. (Same with the doona sets.)

I think we all love sharing and hearing about household hints and ways to make our lives easier. So I love hearing what you all do also.
Beth Adele 11/6 '14
What's a doona set?
Not sure what you call it, we call them donna's some people call them quilts, but ours is wool rather than feathers and the covers are just what you put them inside to keep them clean and make your bed look nice. Clear as mud right?
Beth Adele 11/7 '14