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This past weekend I was vending for Utilikilts at the New Hampshire Highland games. I've been working with them for nearly 5 years, and sadly, this was the worst weekend I've had doing it. Scotland lost the bid for independance, which left a damper on things to start with. I've heard attendence was down considerably, which would match with sales. Now, sales are not the primary reason I do these events - but knowing I'm making the money I'm spending has a big mood impact. Normally - and this is the case for any weekend event, Saturday is your busiest day, and the bulk of your customers come through then. It was COLD. No - high 30's with mist and wind, bringing the apparent tem down around freezing. Sold all my socks, but not a lot of kilts, and we were reduced to hanging out in the Portable Bathrooms for heat. 

The only saving grace was my crew. 

9/23 '14 2 Comments
"Reduced to hanging out in the portable bathrooms for heat..."

Sexy. Wait, not.
Thomas Boutell 9/23 '14
I will say that these were the big trailer type with running water, etc. Fancy - and the thermostat went to 85!