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With the nonsense going on over at Tumblr, and the new guidelines that dissallow all innuendo, flirty talk etc at FB, it looks like it is time to give this another run. I have a couple of ideas to start with. See you in the morning!

12/6 '18 2 Comments
Thank you for posting this.
Showin' some leg to stick it to THE MAN!

This past weekend I was vending for Utilikilts at the New Hampshire Highland games. I've been working with them for nearly 5 years, and sadly, this was the worst weekend I've had doing it. Scotland lost the bid for independance, which left a damper on things to start with. I've heard attendence was down considerably, which would match with sales. Now, sales are not the primary reason I do these events - but knowing I'm making the money I'm spending has a big mood impact. Normally - and this is the case for any weekend event, Saturday is your busiest day, and the bulk of your customers come through then. It was COLD. No - high 30's with mist and wind, bringing the apparent tem down around freezing. Sold all my socks, but not a lot of kilts, and we were reduced to hanging out in the Portable Bathrooms for heat. 

The only saving grace was my crew. 

9/23 '14 2 Comments
"Reduced to hanging out in the portable bathrooms for heat..."

Sexy. Wait, not.
Thomas Boutell 9/23 '14
I will say that these were the big trailer type with running water, etc. Fancy - and the thermostat went to 85!