I have been to hundreds of sleepovers of all different kinds, some that I never wanted to end some and some that I hated it so much I left.

        Now, last nights sleepover started off by all 8 of us doing an escape room, *which we got out of*. Then we went to the host's house and danced to German Rave music. Then we played kiss marry kill, Greek mythology edition. We then decided to make a short murder mystery movie where there were 7 different suspects and they all turn out not to be the murderer but the cameraman was actually the murderer. (Yes, I know SOOO original.) Anyway, by then it was like 10:30. We watched Guardians of the Galaxy while finishing, a whole tub of ice cream, three bags of popcorn, tootsie rolls, and(MY FAV) yogurt covered cranberries. Then we started to wind down and "go to sleep" which really means talking about the weirdest topics possible and falling asleep around two AM. We all woke up between 5 and 7 and went into the living room and read our books until like 8. We made eggs and then eat them :) yum. Then we continued to read our books until our parents show up to pick us up at around 10.

Now, every sleepover has downsides. It's never perfect. But, I have to say last nights was pretty good. 

I don't think there's been a time in my life when that exact set of activities wouldn't have been something I'd love to do with my friends.

You must have some really good ones.
Yeah, I do.
So much straight up joy in so few hours.

I am donning my footie pajamas and knocking on your door.
This sounds like a lot of fun.
Could I please have more detail about the German Rave music?
Was it house rave or more kraftwerk?
Is there a playlist somewhere, band name?
I'm also curious about this German Rave music.
The band was Die Atzen. My friend was the DJ. I have no idea what the lyrics were because...german.
This sounds like a pretty excellent night.
Karen 5/15