Hello. I have started this blog... thing I am not really sure what it is, to talk to myself, pretty much, about life. Writing helps me get the muck out of my system. I am terrible with deadlines. I am a procrastinator. I want to see where this goes. Goodbye for now, 


11/21 '18 13 Comments
Read this and let me know if you have any questions:

I know some people on here and can make introductions, if you like.
Robert Bryan 11/22 '18
Oh, and this is a successful execution of the opening we were talking about:
Robert Bryan 11/22 '18
Hi Katie, welcome! I'm an old fart who sometimes posts here about whatever I'm currently doing or thinking about.
Anne Mollo 11/22 '18
Hello! Nice to meet you.
Katie Bryan 11/22 '18
Hi, Katie, welcome!
I look forward to your thoughts.
Hello! Enchanté (nice to meet you)!☺️
Katie Bryan 11/22 '18
How much French have you studied, Katie? I’m considering trying to study it with Duolingo.
I am taking French at school. I don't know that much, but I know enough for me to get by. I love Duolingo! It makes it very easy to learn French.
Katie Bryan 11/23 '18
Duolingo is great! My daughter Rose is working on German, and my son Cal is learning Italian. :)
Anne Mollo 11/23 '18
Hi Katie! I'm the chief cook, bottle washer and programmer around here.
Thomas Boutell 11/23 '18
Hi! It's nice to meet you! This community is SO nice!
Katie Bryan 11/23 '18
Hi, Katie!
Welcome aboard!

Writing has always helped me get the muck out of my system, too.

I'm sure you've figured out the system of locks here... which is to say, you can write things that anyone can see, only a small subsection of people you select can see, or only you can see. It's really nice having a place where I can write things for only me.

Nice to have you here!
this post sounds like one of your dad's!
CM Adams 12/13 '18